• To attain data transformation zen

    Use Filegroove to orchestrate your existing manual or automated
    data transformation and processing systems

  • Easy to use user interface

    Create simple column to column mappings in a few clicks or ...

  • Use DPL visual programming for ultimate control

    Visually program DPL logic with variables, metadata and a myriad of library functions
    or Text manipulation and extraction, Finance, Maths easily handle the most complex data mappings

  • Transformation processes: built-in or created in the editor

    Our built in process definitions cover most industry specific data transformations but the filegroove orchestrator
    can  also execute custom processes defined in any BPMN V2 standard process definition file.

  • Workflow engine: manages, controls, audits and notifies

    The filegroove data transformation orchestrator runs on our powerful, high performance, field proven, robust
    workflow engine that knows the state of every task in every process and provides notifications and audit trails.

  • Powerful UI works with built in DPL translator or others

    Powerful, modern, highly productive transformation editor supports integration with the built in DPL based
    translator but can work with your required transformation engine via a flexible "plug in" archicture.

  • Filegroove can translate it for you

    Cost effective, cloud based, manual or automated via API, data translation
    integrated with your existing solutions

  • Bridge and automate your data transformation "gap"

    Filegroove is the simple, easy, fast, reliable and cost effective way.
    Contact us to today to find out more.

Welcome to

At Filegroove we understand that your data is generated and received in lots of different formats from lots of different sources within your systems.

We also understand that third parties, like commercial partners or even government bodies via legislative requirements, need to receive your data in a format that they define.

We believe that every organization should be able to transform data to mandatory formats in efficient, costly ways that don't require open ended in-house development or expensive consultancy engagement to establish pathways in their data flows to achieve these transformations.

We can help establish and integrate data transformation paths in your existing system to any level of automation you require: from cloud based manual uploads to fully automated and integrated API based transformations.

Getting your data into the right groove is our passion.

Contact us today to see how we can help with any data transformation requirements you have on:

(+61) 2 9656 1278
0415 507 717