Supports common file processing orchestration scenarios right out of the box!

The orchestrator runs on our powerful workflow engine with automation, auditing, error tracking and can perform a variety of common file processing scenarios:

single file in (any format), single file out (specific format)

multiple file sets in (any format), multi or single file(s) out (specific format)

multi entity single file in (any format), mutli or single file(s) out (specific formats)

and we can quickly create tailored orchestrations to suit your needs.



Filegroove gives you the power to transform data from any CSV or Excel file into any other CSV, Excel or other format required.

Leverage our industry specific libraries of existing
transformation schemas to start processing files today!

With industry specific versions of Filegroove your staff can simply upload a source file to our portal and have it transformed into the format required for your internal processing.

We can customize the output format to your requirements at no cost!

Click on an industry specific version below for more information:

For files used in other industries the creation of new transformation mappings is easy with the Filegroove studio: The intuitive user interface guides you every step of the way to configure how your source files are mapped to your required target file format.

Naturally Filegroove supports simple point and click column mapping but it's power goes way beyond that, allowing you to configure variables to hold values that can be assigned, synthesized, combined from any other data in the file or other variables. And variables can be mapped just like source columns.

A large library of text, numeric, financial and data comparison/manipulation functions can be accessed via the Visual Programming Interface to easily perform operations previously only available to hard core software developers.

Filegroove - all the power, without the complexity!

Start a free trial today - there's no upfront setup or onboarding costs:
if you want to proceed after the trial period just pay an extremely modest per translation cost.

Adviser commissions 'Out of the Box'

We have an extensive library of 'off the shelf' configurations to translate commission files for all of the major Australian financial product providers.

These are ready to use straight 'out of the box' in our
CommDIY product - no translation configuration is necessary!

See the full list of supported provider files.

Your inhouse or outsourced data transformations team can start automated commission data transformation - today! You can start a trial project using Filegroove to translate data from just one or two product providers and then build up over time - there's no separate charge for the off the shelf translator configurations - they're all included as part of the service. Use as many or as few as you like.


Save time, save cost, reduce errors

It all makes so much sense.

The orchestrator is built on a powerful, fast, efficient, production proven workflow engine so features like error notifications, control of processes via an intuitive UI and auditing are all available right out of the box.

You'll kick yourself for not getting your file groove "on" earlier!


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At Filegroove we understand that your data is generated and received in lots of different formats from lots of different sources within your systems.

We also understand that third parties, like commercial partners or even government bodies via legislative requirements, need to receive your data in a format that they define.

We believe that every organization should be able to transform data to mandatory formats in efficient, costly ways that don't require open ended in-house development or expensive consultancy engagement to establish pathways in their data flows to achieve these transformations.

We can help establish and integrate data transformation paths in your existing system to any level of automation you require: from cloud based manual uploads to fully automated and integrated API based transformations.

Getting your data into the right groove is our passion.

Contact us today to see how we can help with any data transformation requirements you have on:

(+61) 2 9656 1278