Filegroove is a product of Step Ahead Software Pty Ltd:

A pedigree of passionate, motivated, data transformation software engineers who have developed software that has translated many billions of dollars worth of financial transactions.

We know the data transformation game because we have been doing it successfully for a long time.

Data translation fintech developed by us has been used for two decades in the Australian and UK financial industries - processing payroll files, member balance and transaction data and product, dealer and adviser data and telecommunications customer data.

With our clients having major market share there is an extremely high chance that some of your own super contributions have passed through data translation, aggregation and/or data routing tech we have developed - as just a part of the billions of dollars in value represented by the transactions that tech has processed.

Transformation software we have developed has become the cornerstone enabler for many large scale financial groups and delivered them, not only robust, reliable, high performance operation but also provided them with significant competitive advantage and high client affinity.

We are based in Sydney Australia and have been providing data transformation services, workflow orchestartion and general software development services to fintechs, telcos and other major enterprises since 1994.

Filegroove is our latest, high quality, robust, configurable cloud based TaaS (Transformation as a Service) product offering unparalleled data transformation capabilities combined with workflow orchestration capabilities (i.e. customizable process definitions, scheduling, monitoring, notifications and full audit trails) - all configured with an intuitive, visual, easy to learn, yet powerful translation configuration studio.

The making of Filegroove

Step Ahead Software's Filegroove product takes a new, revolutionary approach to data translation that is leaps and bounds in advance of anything we have done before and anything the industry has ever seen.

We set the following goal: Achieve maximum power, capability, productivity, extendabilty and performance yet insist that non programmers should be feel comfortable configuring mappings and translation logic with a mere 15 minute introduction to the Filegroove Studio.

That's a tough goal and there was simply nothing around to use as a starting point on which to build something so awesome. So we bit the bullet and developed our own completely generic visual programming language supporting functions, function libraries, entities with attributes, variables and metadata
... and a virtual machine in which programs run
... and then we built a translator engine on top of the virtual machine
... and then we built the world's best data translation configuration studio in which anyone can perform point and click data mapping and visually create automatically managed programming logic. The visual aspect is necessary to facilitate logic development by non programmers in a way that avoids syntax errors - i.e. user friendly!

Sound extreme?

It was - but forunately the end result was also extremely awesome!

Filegroove data translation tech can be used as a cloud base TaaS service via API, SFTP, email or via file upload/download and it is seamlessly integrated with our "pagebloom" platform's workflow orchestrator to provide a fully orchestrated data transformation experience for our clients complete with:
  • monitoring
  • notifications on success and/or error conditions
  • full audit trails

Touch base with us today via 02 9656 1278 or contact us online to organize a free demo or find out how Filegroove can slash your inhouse or outsourced data transformation costs, drastically reduce the scope for costly human errors and ease your pain!