Navigating Product Providers and their Divisions

Filegroove supports a two level product provider hierarchy: this is to cater for scenarios where one product provider may be operating two separate divisions. This could be as a result of:
  • a product provider has purchased another product provider and continues to operate that purchased provider's IT systems as a separate division.
  • a product provider develops a new IT system producing a new set of data feeds but has not migrated accounts from the legacy system.
Typically these separate IT systems within the product provider will produce independent data feeds in different data formats.
In Filegroove separate IT systems/data feeds within a product provider are referred to as "divisions".
Every product provider must have at least one division configured in order to perform data processing for that product provider.
By convention the first or 'core' division of any product provider is given the name "Core" and identifier "core" (lowercase) but this is just a convention.
An example of this is the fund manager AMP that has two divisions: their main division and their "North" division. In Filegroove we would refer to these as AMP Core and AMP North.