filegroove now has an optional orchestrator offering to assist organizations who do not have their own orchestration infrastructure in place.

The core translation technologies available via filegroove data transformer integrate perfectly with an organization's existing data orchestration systems however some small to medium sized companies may not yet have automated orchestration processes in place and rely on manual steps in their day to day transformation processes.

The new filegroove orchestrator is a cost effective way for those organizations to automate some of their manual steps to help improve efficiency, reduce cost and help eliminate human error.

What is the orchestrator?

The orchestrator is built on a fast and powerful workflow engine that automates the processing of files as they arrive from various sources. It can be customized to perform various pre and post transformation processing.

The pre and post processing can be configured based on file source, type, owner, file name etc.,

Full transformation status and audit trails are available via standard monitoring features that are part of the workflow engine on which the orchestrator runs.

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