With the ability to translate financial adviser commission files for 29 of Australia's major product providers your commissions processing decision just got made a lot easier!

Why a new adviser commissions processing service?

The disruptive environment in which the Financial Services sector finds itself in post the Royal Commission means that cost savings are mandatory.

Tradional providers of commission data processing solutions can be extremely expensive.

Filegroove now enables commissions processing and a much reduced price either for CRM service providers or for advisers who wish to entertain the idea of processing their own commission data files - which is now extremely easy with Filegroove.

Australia's got a new leader in publicly accessible adviser commission translators

We now are Australian's largest library of publicly accessible adviser commission file translators - using Filegroove it is now possible to translate commission files from 29 different product providers.

Check out the list of support product provider commission files here:


In the unlikely event that one of your providers is not listed please get in touch and we'll configure a new Filegroove translator for it.

How do we access the translation services?

Filegroove has a portal that allows you to choose a product provider and then upload a file. The file is translated to a standard format which you can then download and import into Excel or a CRM etc.,

The portal also supports initial set up of the bindings that link the information in a commission file, like product provider Adviser Codes, to the appropriate financial adviser working in your business. This is so that each transaction in the commission file is allocated to the appropriate adviser.

How to I find out more?

If you're interested in how you might use this service to perform commission file translation for your own adviser business or if you are an Adviser Platform/CRM service provider looking for less expensive, more reliable solutions then please touch base online or call 02 9656 1728 to find out more about how you can slash your commissions processing costs.