Filegroove is a powerful, easy to use, cloud based Transformation as-a Service (TaaS) application powered by a robust, auditing, notifying workflow engine.

Video introductions and demonstrations:

Filegroove basic architecture and operational concepts

Take a brief walkthrough of the intelligently conceived and constructed architecture behind the Filegroove's workflow orchestration engine and its powerful yet easy to use data transformation engine.

Simple column mapping

See how easy it is to perform simple column mapping from any file format to any other file format.

Performing a translation

Once you have set up a TOM (Translator Object Mapping) you can easily and simply upload a file to be transformed according to the instructions in the TOM that you have configured.

Specifying output formats


Multi phase data transformation processes can be orchestrated, controlled, monitored and audited using the advanced, high performance, production proven pagebloom workflow engine which is a seamlessly integrated component of the pagebloom platform with process definitions specialised for financial data feed processing.

Data feed options

Filegroove supports a wide range of flexible, robust data input/output options making it easy to integrate with your existing automated and/or manual workflows and applications. Data input/output interfaces supported include:

•    File upload/File download via the Filegroove web user interface
•    High performance APIs
•    SFTP
•    Email

Data transformation capabilities

A range of standard data transformation process definitions are available out of the box to suit most industry scenarios. We can create or customize process definitions for any particular data processing scenarios not covered by the current library of process definitions.

Administration and Operations Portal
The administration portal is "client" based so that each client has their own unique URL for their staff to access the system.

The administration portal has two main components to separate the following key responsibilities:

•    Data processing operations
•    Adviser group/Adviser maintenance

Single sign-on, flexible permissions configuration

The system provides single sign on but allows independent assignment of roles for, not only each component, but each organization (Product Provider, Product Provider Division, Adviser Group etc.,) within each component.

Keeping the data processing portal separate from the adviser group/adviser maintenance portal provides a "separation of concerns" that allows for simpler security configuration and maintenance of adviser groups and their advisers, potentially allowing adviser groups to perform their own adviser maintenance without being exposed to any of the data processing operations of the fund data processing portal.

A summary of the two components is shown in the following table:

Portal URL Purpose
Fund Data Processing Portal CLIENT-data.filegroove.com This portal manages the configuration and operations for all of the data processing.

Supports configuration of:
  • Product providers (e.g. AMP)
  • Product provider divisions (e.g. AMP Core, AMP North)
  • Orchestration
  • Translator Object Mappings (TOMs)

Supports all data processing operations.
Adviser Group Management Portal CLIENT-advisers.filegroove.com This portal manages the configuration of Adviser groups and their advisers, including the specification of product provider specific adviser group and adviser 'identification codes' that form the binding of product provider data to adviser group entities like advisers.